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Welcome! I can't imagine what's actually brought another human being to this page, but whatever, you're here. Hello other person! Feel free to poke around/say hello/run screaming in the opposite direction.

I use this journal to post all of my writing -- all of it, even the really awful stuff -- and meta and stuff. Occasionally personal things. This post is my list to keep track of actual writing. The majority of it is original fiction, with a small but growing collection of fanfics and outlines of fanfics that I will never actually write. If you see weirdly-spaced gaps, there are whited-out links there to out-of-date writing, because I have a continually-evolving canon.


The Con Man and the Piemaker -- SPN/PD -- They come to investigate reports of a zombie in the kitchen, and stay for the pie.
DI Pond -- DW/SH -- (Doodle) Eleven takes Amy to visit the famous Sherlock Holmes. Sort of, it's really short.
A Disordered World -- DW/SH -- (link to WIP) Molly Hooper during the Year That Never Was, with bonus Martha Jones and John Watson. Things don't make sense after the Toclafane arrive.
The Episode Where Molly Hooper Becomes A Companion -- Outline
Good King Wenceslaus Looked Out, On The Feast of Stephen - SH/DW - In which Christmas Eve at 221B Baker Street is interrupted by world-saving shenanigans
Martha Jones and the Year that Never Was, Multifandom Crossover Edition -- Doctor Who/Sherlock/Young Wizards/Supernatural/House/Glee/Community -- WIP
Molly in the TARDIS - DW/SH - (doodle)
Troy and Abed Meet the Old Spice Guy -- Community
Paramedical Phenomena -- SPN/House -- Outline here This was plotted because I realized that annoying concerned family members are a recurring theme on House, and Sam would be the most annoying concerned family member ever. Rough drafted
Sidekick Bonding And Temporal Paradoxes -- SH/DW -- Incomplete -- In which Rory and John have a discussion about significant others who keep wandering off
What I Imagine A Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover Would Look Like - DW/SH - in which Sherlock and John investigate the death and disappearance of Rory Williams.

Doctor Who
The Butterfly Effect -- Doodle -- Eleven steals a shoe
July 26th, 1533 Rough Draft -- WIP -- Team TARDIS picks up Atahualpa; time travel ensues
July 26th, 1533 Outline -- Outline -- Team TARDIS picks up Atahualpa; time travel ensues
Mother's Day -- Kink Bingo Fill -- Amy, Rory, and River go out to dinner.
L'Appel du Vide Meta -- Meta -- for Amy!Doctor's past regenerations, mostly nine and ten
The One Ring Game: Pertwee!Doctor Edition -- Outline

The Canterbury Tales, Community Edition -- outline
Pylgrymes of Grene Dale (Community/Canterbury Tales fusion) -- translation into modern English
Kink Bingo: Tiny Bingo
(Pushing Daisies, Good Omens, Supernatural, and Sherlock, plus Sixth World)
Vanguard (Chronicles of Chrestomanci) -- flash fiction -- technically this counts as a crossover with Lovecraft.

Figments - SH - prompt; in which John hallucinates for a few years after the Reichenbach Fall
Hello, Moran - SH - getting into a character's headspace
Rise and Shine - SH - (doodle) John Watson attempting to deal with the press upon Sherlock's return
The Sentimental Sniper - SH - (WIP on hold) The Empty House, with added talking about ~feelings~

Building A Bridge Across the Rubicon - Outline- In which the angels swap out Dean for Deanna, and chaos ensues. It's looking to be a lot more angsty and srs business than I was expecting.
Building A Bridge Across the Rubicon -- WIP -- On the cracky premise that the Rule 63'd angels make a deal with not-63'd angels, and make Dean and Deanna trade places, and then it all goes south into angst.
Coloring Inside the Lines -- Complete -- Genderbent Winchesters because this show is nothing but straight white dudes for two and a half seasons, what even.
Eye of the Beholder -- Complete -- Ruby/Anna character piece written for Femslash February.
I'd Kill Your Cat To Get Into the Family -- incomplete doodle -- brotherly bonding over cold-blooded murder
That the Dead May Speak -- Outline -- In which the characters of Supernatural do not die, but live, and everyone gets to actually decide their own fates. (Jess)(Gordon)
This Axe, She Got to Fall -- Complete -- Genderbent pilot episode because I wanted to choreograph a fight scene
Supernatural Slashfic Meta Meta Meta Time Plus Mini-Scenes -- Meta + Complete Doodle-- trying to wrap my head around Sam/Dean ship-sailing
Unwinding -- Complete -- 7K of slightly angsty post-series fluff. Fully drafted, but not at all edited so some parts are weird and/or OOC.
Untitled and Also Untitled-- Complete Doodles -- A couple more not-fics regarding incest in this fandom. I think one of them counts as very light R. Possibly.


How Kai Found the Spook House

Kai Williams Dossier
Putting Labels on the Wandering Choir
Putting Gender Labels on the Wandering Choir
Speaking Of Violet ...

Unfinished Stories and Doodles
Alterna-Verse! -- (Riley, Electra, Vance)
Christmas: Tea & Roses -- (Riley Bookman)
Depressing Optimism -- (Willow Liska)
Discarded from Support Systems -- (Kai)
First Day of School -- (Violet Liska)
Let Me In -- (Vance)
Reload Dialogue -- (Riley, Electra)
Reparaciones -- (Willow Liska)
Self-Insert Fic -- (Me + Wandering Choir)
Storytelling -- (Violet, Kai)

Finished Stories
An Outsider's Perspective -- (Willow, Violet)
Fiction Writing: Kai Writes A Letter To Hana
Fiction Writing: Support Systems -- (Kai Williams)
Fiction Writing: This Is Not The End -- (Kai Williams)
Kink Bingo: Jeeves on Wednesday [Service] -- (Will, Violet)
The One Where Riley Rescues Willow and Kisses Ricardo -- (Riley Bookman, Willow Liska, Ricardo Sanchez)
Reparations -- (Willow)
Summons -- (Violet, Blade) An unfortunate group of children summon the Black Plague
Violet and Kai in the Attic -- (Kai Williams, Violet Krikorian)
White Tuxedo -- (Riley Bookman) Seven Sentence Story
Jon -- (Kai)
Sugarhigh -- (Riley Bookman) Not canon, inasmuch as the Wandering Choir actually have a canon, but this definitely isn't it. ///

Be Calm -- (Vance)
First Impressions -- (Riley Bookman + Electra Spiros, RE: Willow Liska)
Shipper on Deck -- (Riley Bookman)
Time Paradox -- (Violet, Willow)


Finished Stories
A Tale of Two Kingdoms
Downtown Encounter -- creative nonfiction
The Finch Lab -- creative nonfiction
Gosh I Am Just So Popular Lately -- creative nonfiction
In Which Critic and Philoctetes Have A Debate
In Which Critic Is A Dick About Fanfiction
Neko-Mitaina Uchuujin
Peach Vodka
Respect Your Elders
Running Before the Wind -- this here is my favorite thing I have ever written (fiction workshop)
Walking Tightrope -- fiction workshop
Woodcutter's Son / Prince Charming -- (Seven Sentence Fairy Tale)
Woodcutter's Son (Expansion)

Unfinished Stories and Doodles
ATJ - The Ant Parable -- (Joanna and the Apostles)
ATJ - Family Issues -- (John, Jamie)
The After-Dark Epilogue -- (Kaibutsu, Violet)
Fiction Workshop: Car Crash
Fiction Workshop: Pyrrhus and Faust (Tanwen, Kieve)
Eleven-Amy-Rory-based AU plotbunny

FN and JC, Birthday Edition -- (Fatty Nutbutter and Jack Craven)
July 26th, 1533 -- (Eleven, Amy, Rory, Atahualpa)
Kai Founds the Spook House -- (Kaibutsu, pidgin Japanese)
Macchi-Macchi/Matthias Machiavelli -- (Kaibutsu)
Meeting Atsakou -- (Sazaet)
Murder the Hypotenuse -- (Random Caricatures) Popular Guy must choose between Popular Girl or Loser Girl. Popular Guy chooses Nerdy Guy.
Noah and the Great Flood (WIP)
Not As I Once Was -- A very short nonsense story.
Purple Paint -- (Nkosana, Eniola, Nosizwe, and Unathi)
Sentences Practice
Three Failed Attempts To Start A Short Story
Train Tracks
Rib Cage Owl

A Box of Chocolates, A Lock
A Note, Chocolate, A Reunion
Fiction Writing: Five Sentences
Fiction Writing: In Your Pocket Exercise
Fiction Writing: Letter Exercise
Fiction Workshop: Postcard Exercise
Music Prompts: (1) (2)(3)(4)
Imagine Your OTP: Flash Fiction
Jesus of Manhattan
Two Sides To the Same Story -- (Victor, Victoria, Eric)

Navigating the Harvest Seas
The End of Days
NaNoWriMo Trades
7 Seasons in 25 Songs: All-encompassing Supernatural Playlist
Songs For Coming Home
Fridges-verse: Jess story


Ananaien Houses
Naien Household Vocabulary
Q&A with Willow Liska
Religion in D'Sezan
Yyeorel Nobility

More Vheɧnesɧ and Kephri
The Cave House

Characters — D'Sezan
100 Drabbles Character Descriptions
Character Purpose and Power
Jack Craven (Updated 9.11.11)
List of Miscellaneous Names
Lockhart, Song, and Twelve
Magic(N & J)
Neil Glass (Updated 9.11.11)
Relationships and Stability(N & J)
Reed — Details
Preliminary Ruminations on Clark Masters
Superheroes' Superpowers List

Characters — Rift Worlds
727/728 Character Development
728 Occupants
AC: Gods
AC: End of Days Character Meta
Miscellaneous Headcanon
Places of Origin
University of Iiyeŋaila

Unfinished Stories and Doodles — D'Sezan
Coffee and Conversation -- (Neil Glass, Clark Masters)
Dinner -- (Neil Glass, Jack Craven)
Doodle: Intern Jack
Fiction Writing: Covert Dialogue -- (Neil Glass, Jack Craven)
Mission: Reconaissance -- (Reed Henry, Evangeline Frost)
The Newbies -- (Neil Glass, Jack Craven)
Prologue -- (Neil Glass)
Really, Really Earnest -- (Jack Craven, Reed Henry, Neil Glass)

Unfinished Stories and Doodles — Rift Worlds
Evangeline and Violet as Seen by Julian -- (Julian, Evangeline, Violet)
Fresh Off the Boat -- (Willow Liska)
In Which Julian Visits Gallows Hill -- (Julian, Willow)
In Which Tsuya Travels By Spacey-Wacey Ball to Meet Giovanni -- (Tsuya, Giovanni, Asa)
Nanahyaku Doodles -- (Room 727)
NaNoWriMo Backup -- (Cast)
Skeleton In The Closet -- (Julien)
Unsuccessful -- (Zorion)
Untitled: Turkish Coffee -- (Diana)
What Child Is This? -- (Nyali)

Finished Stories — D'Sezan
Crimes of Passion -- (Jack Craven)
It Ain't Right -- (Jack Craven, Fatty Nutbutter)

Finished Stories — Rift Worlds
Cross-Cultural -- (Omniscient) First kiss, no dialogue, Chatma and Kephri.
Fluff -- (Chatma/Kephri) Fluffity Fluff Fluff Fluff.
Ghosts -- (Nyali) Nyali has been travelling for a long, long time, and he's had quite enough of it.
Imaginary Friends: An Origin Story -- (Aiden, Uedau) Two souls, one mind.
Not-Quite Humans Kick Ass -- (Chatma) Chatma and Kephri visit downtown. Kephri goes ninja on an angry mob. Chatma is impressed.
Pretentious -- (Julian) Julian goes to Diana for advice about how to best confess his feelings to Enya. Green hair and leathery hell wings. Fluffy.
With Friends Like These
-- (Julian, Enya) Seven Sentence Story

Prompts — D'Sezan
10 Character Meme -- (QUARK Cast)
100 Drabbles of Summer -- (QUARK Cast)
12 Character Meme -- (QUARK Cast)
Lost Cat -- (Neil Glass, Jack Craven)
Neil + Jack Ficlets100 -- (Neil Glass, Jack Craven, Percy)
QUARK Cast Meme -- (QUARK Cast)

Prompts — Rift Worlds
Apocalyptic Continuity Meme -- (AC Chars)
Blood Lime -- (University of Iiyeŋaila)
Chatma Meets CharLoft -- (Chatma POV)


Matriarchy and Inheritance
Pantheon of the Sixth World
Senyan Politics and the Enlai
The Pantheon
Naming Languages
Planets as Deities

Body Prompt: Nyali/Tsuya
Body Prompt: Tanwen
Character Names
Methods (Sambiya)
More Potential Name Corrections
Asa Fills Out A Facebook Survey
Living on the Fringe
Tsuya Story Arc
Tsuya Arc Recap

Unfinished Stories and Doodles
Orange Sky -- (Tsuya)
Enter the Superheroes -- (Tsuya, El Don Señor Estefan Semprevivo)
Sambiya slice of life -- (Sambiya, Gathi)
Uncle Jack's Soul Shop -- (Tanwen, Kieve, Mairwen) -- outtakes from a modern-day AU
On the Roof -- (Nyali, Ennele) Old Continuity (///)
Legdas-- (Ennele, Nyali) Old Continuity)

Short Stories

Fiction Writing: The One Where Diana Shows Up Unexpectedly -- (Diana, Tanwen, Naike) In which, to recreate Pandora, Diana goes to an alternate past to ask the K'ul Ajaws of Oboureon for help.
Flirting As A Market Strategy -- (Mairwen, Kieve, Tanwen) In which Mairwen and Kieve attempt to out-flirt each other with a third party.
Love Letters -- (Aisa, Reian) Second Draft Continuity, meaning Reian was still alive to entice Aisa to join him. I don’t consider it outdated, just not canon.
Outtakes - (Aisa, Enna) In which Aisa and Enna learn from Tanwen that Reian is dead.
Seven Sentence Story
-- (Asa sta Nura)
Un Regalo -- (Tsuya, Nyali) Tsuya may not be good at doing this feelings thing, but damn it if he isn't going to try to show affection.
Homecoming -- (Nyali, Tsuya) Old Continuity, meaning I still hadn't figured out the nuances of their relationship yet. ///
In Which Nyali and Tsuya Go To Jail
Life and Times -- (Nyali) New Continuity, but even this is becoming outdated as of 1/22/11.
Revelations -- (Tsuya) Old Continuity, meaning that they still live in Hiyuuya-dien at the age of twelve, and I still thought that Nyali was gay.

A Rose By Any Other Name -- (Cast)
The Day That Never Came -- (Nyali)
Deep, Dark Fantasies -- (Cast)
Have You Ever Survey -- (Aisa)
Lost Christmas Eve (idea) -- (Nyali, Tsuya)
Mystic Artifact -- (Nyali)
Romantic Questions -- (Cast)
Two Lies and A Truth -- (Agioren, Sambiya, Twelve)


Part One: Tsuya in Tseinda Ahyomba
Part Two: Tsuya in Tseinda Ahyomba
Part Three: Nyali, Assassins in the Woods, Ennele Doesn't Die
Part Four: The Plucky Travelling Party With Some Brief Detours
Part Five: A Shitton Of Talking Before Reaching Ineaaka
Part Six: Tsuya Screws Up in Tseinda Ahyomba
Part Seven: Tsuya
Part Eight: Nyali and the Plucky Travelling Party Reach Ineaaka, Home of Dead People In the Gutters
Part Nine: Section Nine A: Tsuya and Annan
Part Nine: Section Nine B: Post-Time-Skip Section One, Viewpoint Nyali
Chapter Eighteen Fragment

Reload: Meta and Plot Outline


Replotting Love Revolutionary
Revolutionary AU

Prologue: A Letter
Chapter One: Race Relations
Chapter Two: The Beginning
Chapter Three: Sambiya

Outline For Nixtamal
Snippet 1
Snippet 2
Snippet 3
Snippet 4
Snippet 7
Chapter Twelve
Timeline of Events



Like the others, this is simply a rewrite of the same damn novel that I've been working on since forever. Whatever. I think this one is doing fine, now that I've actually worked out the structural issues that plagued the first two tries.

It is, however, a rough draft. The prose is shit, and I'm not just being modest. I write very clunky rough drafts.

prologue: now that i come to fall
one: he's become a one-man rise in crime
two: i cut my branch from my family tree
three: it's an art that's hard to teach
four: climb the wall to make the sun rise in time
five: no one here wants to fight me like you do


Apocalyptic Continuity -- Foundation
Loss and Language -- (Chatma, Nyali) -Apocalyptic-Continuity
Shopping Trip -- (Diana, Reed) Post-apocalypse, the survivors still need to eat.
Prince of Arasia -- (Julian, Cast)
The Walls Are Thin -- (Chatma, Kephri)
God of the Harvest -- (Enya) They still need to eat.
The Walls Are Thin, Revisited -- (Chatma, Kephri)

The End of Days
The End of Days Back Cover Blurb
NaNoWriMo Outline
Part One: The Morning Paths (NaNo 2012)
Part Two: The Noon Paths (NaNo 2012)
Part Three: The Paths Through Clouds (NaNo 2012)
Part Four: The Paths Through Clouds, Part II (NaNo 2012)

A Modern Dialect -- In which Tanwen discovers fanfiction and LOLcats.
House Shopping and Kindergarten

Magna Carta

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